Drunk Driver Switches Places With His Dog

How did the cops even figure this out?

Drunk people often think they’re being so crafty when in fact they’re acting like children, at best. That certainly was the case when Springfield, Colorado police pulled over a man for speeding, only to find the driver had switched spots with his dog. The guy then tried to convince the officer Fido was in fact the one going 52 in a 35 mph zone.

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Of course, police watch for people switching spots after they’re pulled over. It’s actually not as uncommon as some people assume, but when the other person in the vehicle is a dog, the trick is particularly dumb.


When the officer got up to the car, the guy who was in the passenger seat got out of the car to sell the whole story about the dog driving. Since cops hate when anyone gets out of a vehicle without being expressly asked to, that was also a dumb move.

And when the cop wasn’t buying the story, plus was obviously drunk, he played the only card he had left at that point and ran away. But drunk people have trouble walking a straight line, let alone running proficiently, so he was taken down about 20 yards away. The dumb moves just piled up.

Not only was this guy so drunk he thought a cop would buy that his dog was driving, he had two arrest warrants. It’s no small wonder that people who flout the law like that inevitably do other dumb things and get themselves arrested. Thankfully he didn’t hit and kill anyone in the process.

As for the dog, Springfield Police say he was let go with just a warning. An acquaintance of the driver was called to the scene, taking possession of Fido until the owner gets out of jail. Hopefully he doesn’t keep blaming the pooch for everything or the hooch and cleans his life up instead.

Image via Charles Roth

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