Drunk YouTuber Confronts Keanu Reeves

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At least he didn’t go after the man’s dog…

Update: We heard some rumble this morning when we were accused of defaming a YouTuber we have praised many times. It was based on their words that a funny story seemed interesting to post about. We emailed them right away for request of their posts about the article be removed for lack of context.

Original Article:

It’s been widely claimed by people who have met Keanu Reeves that he’s the nicest guy in Hollywood. However, being a nice guy isn’t necessarily a protection from drunk car YouTubers like Tavarish. In the accompanying video you can hear all the gory details about how Freddy Hernandez, who rose to fame by rebuilding crazy salvaged cars, had an embarrassing exchange with John Wick.

Hear Tavarish tell about his first SEMA Show experience here.

As David Patterson of ThatDudeInBlueYouTube channel tells the story, the event he and Tavarish were attending was put on by Michelin to launch the Pilot Sport 4S performance tire. Included were demonstrations where influencers and automotive journalists could do autocross courses in cars using the new PS 4S tires versus the competitor so they could see the difference in handling performance.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Patterson says the whole event was really formal, which sounds interesting but it happens. Michelin put everyone up in the Ritz Carlton in Palm Springs and apparently the mixers were anything but casual. It was at the official launch for the event that Patterson saw Keanu Reeves in attendance since Michelin makes the tires for his motorcycle brand.

There was an open bar at the event, and Tavarish had already been drinking so he could calm down to fly, something which makes him incredibly nervous. By the time the car YouTuber spotted the Hollywood star, his inhibitions were gone. Thankfully, he wasn’t overly aggressive or physical with Reeves, who reportedly knows how to handle himself in such situations.

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

We can only imagine what it’s like being a celebrity attending these kinds of events. People probably say all kinds of stupid things because they’re nervous (or drunk) and you can choose to either take it personally or be gracious and roll with it. Reeves chose the latter response and that’s commendable.

Watch the video to get the blow-by-blow of the exchange between Keanu Reeves and a drunk YouTuber.

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