Ducati's Game-Changer: The Hypermotard 698 Mono Redefines Supermotard Thrills

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What an impressive bike.

Ducati has unveiled a groundbreaking new addition to its fleet, the Hypermotard 698 Mono, in the fifth episode of its Ducati World Première web series 2024. This first single-cylinder Supermotard from Ducati is a blend of exhilarating fun and top-tier performance, designed to transform every ride into an adventure, whether on the racetrack or city streets.

The Hypermotard 698 Mono is a marvel of engineering, equipped with the innovative Superquadro Mono engine. This engine is a single-cylinder powerhouse, deriving its technology from the revered 1299 Panigale’s twin-cylinder. It boasts a commanding 77.5 hp and reaches a maximum rotation speed of 10,250 rpm, setting new standards in its class. The Superquadro Mono engine features a 116 mm bore piston, titanium intake, steel exhaust valves, and Ducati's signature Desmodromic distribution, akin to the technology used in MotoGP.


Aside from its impressive engine, the Hypermotard 698 Mono stands out with its unparalleled electronic package. This advanced system allows both novice and seasoned riders to experience the thrill of a Supermotard ride, supported by a Cornering ABS specifically calibrated for dynamic track riding. For the more experienced, the electronic suite fully unleashes the engine's power and complements the bike's stable and precise chassis, blending the sharpness of Ducati sports bikes with the agility of traditional Supermotards.

The bike's design is a testament to Ducati’s iconic style, combining the raw simplicity and aggression of racing Supermotards with the elegance Ducatisti have come to expect. The design highlights the prominence of the Superquadro Mono engine and achieves a balance between racing functionality and aesthetic sophistication.

In essence, the Ducati Hypermotard 698 Mono is more than just a motorcycle; it's an exhilarating experience on two wheels. It promises to deliver unmatched performance and joy, whether carving corners on the asphalt or navigating the urban jungle. Ducati once again sets the bar high, offering riders a machine that is not just a means of transportation, but a portal to unparalleled fun and excitement.

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