DUI Camaro Does His Best Impression Of A Bowling Ball

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DUI Camaro Does His Best Impression Of A Bowling Ball
DUI Camaro Does His Best Impression Of A Bowling Ball

A guy in a Chevy Camaro who police suspect was intoxicated plowed through several parked cars in what we can only describe as a good impression of a bowling ball. Thankfully, nobody was in the parked vehicles, and nearby pedestrians were shielded from the wreckage.

Watch a suspect drive down a footpath to try getting away from police.

Several vehicles, including a Mercedes G-Wagon, were hit by the Camaro. A witness said he believed the American muscle car was going at least 80 mph on the street in Fullerton, California before the front passenger corner struck the parked vehicles.


That impact sheared off the front passenger-side wheel, yet the witness said the driver kept going and police had to chase him down. While a front wheel isn’t as essential on a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, to keep driving without one, let alone after crashing at high speeds, is really something.

Thankfully, those parked SUVs and cargo van saved pedestrians who were in front of a taco bar from being hit by the speeding Camaro, the witness told OnScene TV. He claims that had the Chevy not wreck out, it was headed straight for where he and several others were sitting. That’s definitely worth sacrificing a few cars.

The driver of the Camaro can be seen in footage taken by OnScene TV getting a field sobriety test. He appears uninjured and is on his feet without assistance, so GM at least designed the Camaro to take a frontal offset crash like that without compromising the occupant safety cell.

This incident is a great reminder that if you do go out drinking, don’t try driving home. Call an Uber, taxi, or someone you know to give you a ride.

Image via OnScene TV/YouTube

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