DUI Girl Gets Busted By Her Friend-Zoned Guy

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DUI Girl Gets Busted By Her Friend-Zoned Guy
DUI Girl Gets Busted By Her Friend-Zoned Guy

Merging without using a turn signal was enough for a Whitman County Sheriff’s Office deputy to pull over this Honda Fit, which also had a fair amount of snow on the roof. However, the deputy wasn’t so much concerned with that violation as he was with the suspicion the driver was intoxicated. Ultimately, her downfall was the male friend and coworker in the passenger seat who had been put squarely in the friend zone.

Watch a woman voluntarily dance for her field sobriety test.

Kylie, the driver, not only didn’t signal and dresses rather interestingly, she also seems really nervous talking to the deputy. That doesn’t mean someone has done something wrong, but the deputy does comment he smells alcohol coming from the little car. Her and the coworker guy, named Devin, admit to having some drinks while eating at some Hawaiian restaurant before they went on their way.


Still, this doesn’t mean Kylie, who claims to have had a single beer during the meal, is in fact over the legal limit for driving. The deputy goes through the field sobriety tests as she talks nervously about having anxiety, but no crime has been proven at that point, unless this were the fashion police. She does, however, struggle with some of the directions.

She also struggles with directions when taking a breathalyzer. After many tries, she blows a .131, well over the legal limit in Washington. That earns her an immediate arrest. Kylie’s upset but she doesn’t throw a temper tantrum like we see way too often.

Throughout this ordeal, Kylie orders Devin around and treats him overall with derision. Devin seems to just take the abuse like a happy puppy grateful for any attention. He must be a really great friend.

But right after Kylie is in the police car and can’t hear him, the guy volunteers to rat on her, telling the deputy that she multiple drinks, not just a single beer, including one bought for her by the DJ (and that seemed to upset the guy in the friend zone.

So the lesson here, ladies, is that these friend-zoned guys will in fact turn informant on the fly after getting rejected by you and treated like one of the girls for weeks, months, maybe even years. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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