Durango Hellcat Owners Sue Dodge For Building More Durango Hellcats

durango hellcat
Durango Hellcat Owners Sue DodgeDodge

The 2021 Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat was supposed to be a single-year model, limited to just 3000 units. Because it was limited and was on sale during a time when the car market was simply bananas, people who wanted to be the first with a Durango Hellcat likely had to pay a hefty premium over MSRP. The reward was a three-row SUV with 700 hp and the knowledge that nobody else will get a chance to buy one in the future.

Except now Dodge brought back the Durango Hellcat for the 2023 model year after seeing the demand and the chance to make even more money. That had a consequence for the people who paid a ton to get one of the 2021 models: suddenly their rare truck wasn't so rare. Now, a group has come together to file a class action suit against Dodge.

Accusing Stellantis–Dodge's parent company–of false advertising, the plaintiffs complain that Dodge repeatedly stated that the car would be gone forever after the 2021 model year with no chances to buy one again, yet it returned for 2023 and will devalue that original run of Hellcat Durangos. If the buyers had known that the car would come back, they may not have paid as much–some nearly $115,000–or they wouldn't have purchased it at all.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation, but perhaps most importantly, they also want production of new Durango Hellcats halted.

You can read the lawsuit in full here.

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