Dusty De Tomaso Pantera Rescued After Decades in Hibernation

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Rare Italian-American Fusion.

In a thrilling discovery for classic car enthusiasts, a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera, an iconic example of Italian-American automotive collaboration, has been uncovered after a 45-year hiatus in a barn. This unique classic, blending Italian design with robust American engineering, has been a hidden treasure, now ready for a revival.

The Pantera, a distinctive figure in the Italian sports car narrative, boasts a design that encapsulates the bold and futuristic aesthetics of the 1970s. What sets it apart is its heart: a Ford Windsor V8 engine, a departure from the European norms that gave it a rebellious edge in its heyday. This blend of Italian flair and American muscle makes the Pantera a standout in classic car circles.


Despite its long slumber under layers of dust and grime, the Pantera's condition is remarkably sound. The car's bodywork and chassis have withstood the test of time, exhibiting minimal rust, a testament to its build quality and the protective embrace of the barn. It's a rare sight for a vehicle of this age and history.

Stepping inside, the time capsule continues. The interior of this De Tomaso Pantera is a well-preserved slice of automotive history, featuring original gauges, a factory 8-track stereo, and an intact headliner. The soft seats beckon with the promise of Italian luxury, despite decades of stillness.

The recent inspection by a classic car expert has given the green light for the Pantera's resurrection journey. The next step is a careful extraction from its resting place to a flatbed truck, marking the beginning of its restoration and return to glory.

This barn find is not just a recovery of a long-forgotten vehicle; it's a revival of a unique chapter in automotive history

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