Elderly Driver Parks On Corvette

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Flawless execution there!

We’ve covered people driving right over other cars before, but this video of a Honda Pilot driving on top of a Corvette is still pretty wild. The whole thing went down somewhere in New York and involved a thing most people can’t execute properly: parallel parking.

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What’s really fun is to spend time in an area where parallel parking is common, picking out the people who obviously don’t go there often. A lot of inexperienced drivers, and we’re not talking teenagers, will try pulling nose-first into a spot, then struggle to get the back end in there. This elderly Honda driver doesn’t do that, at least.

Instead, the guy throws his big crossover into reverse and hits the gas way too hard. The back tires have no problem climbing up the sloping front end of the Corvette, crushing the windshield as the poor Chevy driver was sitting inside. Fortunately the guy in the ‘Vette wasn’t hurt, but that might have been thanks to his smart thinking as he climbed into the passenger seat as the Pilot kept mountain goating his ride.


If 30 years ago we had told someone a Honda would mount a Corvette like this we wouldn’t have been taken seriously. Things have changed so much and not necessarily for the better. After all, a confused elderly driver can now just drive over other vehicles, thinking he just hit a curb.

According to the Corvette driver, the police said the other guy was on a suspended license but apparently didn’t know it. We can’t imagine why that would be. Hopefully insurance covers everything, but the Chevy driver thinks he perhaps can’t find parts. We know car parts are a little interesting these days, but it’s not like he has some super rare, exotic ride. But he might just be better off buying a different one considering how much damage was done.

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