Elderly Mobster Decapitated By NYC DOT Truck

Screenshot: New York Post / YouTube
Screenshot: New York Post / YouTube

A New York City Department Of Transportation truck struck and decapitated an 86-year-old man in Brooklyn on June 12. The victim was identified last week as Antonio Conigliaro, a former member of the Genovese crime family. The NYPD claims the driver hit Conigliaro as he was jaywalking across a marked crosswalk. The city worker behind the wheel was not arrested, but the investigation is ongoing.

Witnesses say the 31-year-old city worker was visibly distraught after the incident. As first responders were comforting the driver, they also covered Conigliaro’s severed head in the middle of the street. The elderly man lived in a Bay Ridge apartment building a short walk away, where his neighbors were completely unaware of his past life. However, it wasn’t lost on the police that a former mobster graphically lost his life at the scene. The New York Post reported:


“He spent his life looking over his shoulder but he forgot to look both ways before crossing the street,” one police source said.

Conigliaro pled guilty to federal racketeering charges in 2005 and was sentenced to 13 months in prison, according to the Independent. He was known as “Tony Cakes” or “Tony the Dessert Man” for the cheesecake distribution dessert business he owned, but he was also a loan shark for the Genovese, one of New York’s Five Families.

New York City is definitely the kind of place where you could survive a life in the mob, hard time in federal prison and then get killed by a driver. The NYPD often injure and kill pedestrians while engaging in car chases in the middle of the country’s most populous city. Beyond police privilege, all drivers within the city limits are given the benefit of the doubt.

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