Electric ‘68 Mustang Hits 60 MPH in 2 Seconds, Eats Teslas for Breakfast

Electric 1968 Mustang
Electric 1968 Mustang

This classic 1968 Mustang has received an electric makeover from Mitch Medford and electric drag racer John Wayland. The two turned the car into something that easily bests the Tesla Model S P85D on the track.

They call it the Zombie 222, and it looks like it’s only a lightly modified Mustang fastback. Open the hood, though, and you see the changes are much deeper. The stock V8 engine has been replaced by two electric motors rated at a total 440 volts. They’re linked to a high-capacity battery pack designed for track driving. This all sends over 800 horsepower and 1,800 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels.

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Electric Mustang
Electric Mustang

This gives the car a 0-62 time of 1.94 seconds and a top speed over 174 mph. All this with a full body, full interior, and regular glass windows— so there were no special weight savings to give it an advantage. This is every bit a genuine Mustang and not a stripped our racer. It does get some advantage from a Bilstein front suspension and 13″ Brembo brakes.


It’s completely street legal in its home state of Texas with a range of 40 to 140 miles depending on the size of the battery pack. Medford, owner of Bloodshed Motors, is in the business of turning muscle cars and other classic cars into electric vehicles. Including the cost of the donor vehicle, it’ll run you $200,000 to $250,00.

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