Electric Jeep Wagoneer S Promises 600 HP, with Another EV on the Way

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Electric Jeep Wagoneer S Promises 600 HPJeep
  • Jeep reveals battery-electric Wagoneer S model, due on sale later in 2024, promising 600 hp and 3.5-second launches from 0 to 60 mph.

  • The model is expected to offer a range of 400 miles when it lands here later this year, along with a dual-motor 4xe all-terrain system.

  • The five-seat Wagoneer S will be joined by a smaller Jeep Recon battery-electric model this year.

Ahead of its official debut, Jeep has revealed the first clear look at the battery-electric Wagoneer S. Set to follow the Europe-only Jeep Avenger EV a bit further up on size spectrum, the 2025 Wagoneer S will be Jeep's first battery-electric offering in North America when it gets here later this fall.


What does the Wagoneer S promise?

A lot of power, first and foremost, with Jeep promising 600 hp along with 0-to-60 mph launches in around 3.5 seconds. And quite a bit of range as well, with a target of approximately 400 miles. This will place it among the longest-ranged SUVs currently on sale, with the long wheelbase buying it enough room for a battery expected to be sized far north of 100 kWh.

Being a Jeep, the model will be offered in dual-motor form with the brand's 4xe all-terrain system as a standard feature. So this won't be solely a luxury cruiser for the city.

The profile of the Wagoneer S makes clear this isn't an internal-combustion Wagoneer that has been given a battery, which perhaps will create confusion with the "4xe" moniker given to plug-in hybrid versions of the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in recent years. Instead, Jeep is opting for a more compact, streamlined design, along with a unique front fascia that will bring the automaker into the EV age.

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The Wagoneer S is expected to be a two-row, five-seat model, at least at launch.Jeep

Therefore, the dimensions of the battery-electric model will not align with those of the gas-engined model all that closely, especially when it comes to height and overall length. In fact, we expect it to be far closer to a Grand Cherokee in size.

The top view of the SUV reveals the presence of just two rows of seats, which along with a rakish rear window and a wing integrated into the D-pillar will not allow for a third row of seats out back. So this will be a five-seater, at least at launch.

It's interesting that Jeep opted for the Wagoneer S name for its first US-bound electric model, which sounds like a trim level, rather than choosing something new and distinctive.

That something new and distinctive will be the Jeep Recon nameplate that will be applied to yet another, smaller electric Jeep also due this year that had been previewed back in 2022.

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The Wagoneer S will feature a long wheelbase, but interior accommodations won’t be analogous with those of the gas-engined Wagoneer model.Jeep

Even at this point it's easy enough to guess which one will be the more affordable of the two as Jeep gets ready to give its enthusiasts a choice based on their needs and wallet in a short span of time, with the Recon aimed more closely at the Wrangler audience.

By the time it goes on sale later this year, the Wagoneer S will have plenty of competition from Team Germany, which has been on an electric SUV building spree for the past few years.

We'll have more details on the Wagoneer S, including its target price, closer to its official reveal in the coming months. Both Jeep EVs are part of parent company Stellantis' plans to become a carbon net-zero corporation by 2038.

At what price point and range offering could the Wagoneer S convince repeat Jeep buyers to go electric? Let us know what you think.