Electric Jeep Wagoneer S Sports A Big Spoiler In Leaked Photos

A silver Jeep Wagoneer S parked on brick
A silver Jeep Wagoneer S parked on brick

Jeep teased its all-electric Wagoneer S last week with an image of just the illuminated grille. Now, thanks to what seems to be a social media snafu we now have a clear-as-day view of the massive upcoming EV.

We have the eagle-eyed readers at Mopar Insiders to thank for the full picture of the electric SUV, which Stellantis promises via an earlier press release will come with “...standard 4xe capability with all-terrain management, advanced Jeep brand-focused technology and impressive performance credentials, including 600 horsepower and a lightning fast 0-60 mph time of around 3.5 seconds.”

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Despite initial plans for a renaming contest, the Wagoneer S appears to be sticking with its “S” nameplate. The rear pillar proudly displays the “S” emblem, a departure from the hidden Easter egg approach seen in previous Wagoneer models. The taillights mimic the design of the headlights, with the Jeep logo prominently positioned in the center.

What’s particularly noteworthy is that the Wagoneer S marks a significant departure by prominently featuring the iconic Jeep logo on the exterior. In a break from tradition, the Jeep logo is no longer hidden as an Easter egg but boldly takes center stage on the rear end. Does this mean the Wagoneer subbrand is coming to an end?

One notable feature is the expansive floating rear spoiler design, giving the vehicle a unique and bold aesthetic. The rear license plate area is designed to accommodate European plates, highlighting the Wagoneer S’s global appeal.

I know we’d be delighted if Jeep is abandoning the silly Wagoneer-as-a-brand idea. Keep Jeep, Jeep, I say.

Image: Stellantis
Image: Stellantis

The Wagoneer S will make it to U.S. showroom sometime this fall, with the vehicle going global next year.

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