Electric Land Rover Defender has in-wheel motors and 320bhp

Bedeo Land Rover Defender EV lead
Bedeo Land Rover Defender EV lead

The Defender gets a 75kWh battery that's claimed to achieve a range of 153 miles

British engineering firm Bedeo has launched an electric conversion of the Land Rover Defender 110, which uniquely features four in-wheel motors and is said to weigh only slightly more than the original 4x4.

Conceived to "maintain its rugged charm while embracing the advantages of electric power", the Defender is the first in a series of Reborn Electric Icons that Bedeo plans to offer.

It uses a pair of in-wheel motors at each end that have been designed and engineered by subsidiary firm Protean Electric. The set-up took eight years to develop and is claimed to have been tested over 37 million miles across Europe.


Power is supplied by a 75kWh battery that achieves a claimed range of 153 miles and can be topped up in five hours from a 22kW charger. A 50kW fast charger is optionally available, allowing it to fill up in 90 minutes.

Each motor produces 80bhp and 479lb ft, with total output put at 320bhp and 1916lb ft (the latter figure calculated without consideration for the losses in transferring power to the road) for a 0-62mph time of 10sec and a top speed of 80mph.

The system is designed to remove the need for driveshafts and free up space in the centre of the car between the driven wheels. Cabling is also minimised, with two supplying power and another smaller one used by the ECU.

Bedeo has previously used the technology as part of a range-extender conversion package for ageing diesel vans, in a bid to improve their last-mile delivery capabilities and extend their operating lives.

Bedeo CEO Osman Boyer said: “Through our Reborn Electric Icons program, we're committed to maintaining the original car's kerb weight, charm and driving dynamics while ensuring easy maintenance and delivering the benefits of electrification.

"Reborn Electric Icons represents a natural evolution for us as pioneers in sustainable mobility. The successful conversion of the iconic Defender showcases the versatility of our proprietary technologies and unlocking the in-wheel motor in this way will forge a new path for the future."

Bedeo declined to comment on pricing, but given that the cost will include the £25,000 needed for the motors, as well as the price of an existing Defender with bespoke trimmings, it's likely to be in the region of £100,000.