Electric VW GTI Foretold by This Cool ID. GTI Concept

volkswagen id gti concept
VW ID. GTI Concept Previews the Electric GTIVolkswagen
  • The Volkswagen ID. GTI concept ushers a name change to the legendary nameplate, replacing “injection” with “intelligent.”

  • The VW ID. GTI Concept is based on the Volkswagen ID. 2all.

  • Volkswagen says that the VW ID. GTI Concept is headed to production.

If you were wondering how Volkswagen planned to keep its beloved GTI name alive when fuel injection is replaced with electrification, here’s how: Meet the Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept, which takes the spirit of the Rabbit GTI and brings it into the future.

Just like the GTI, this concept takes a Volkswagen ID. 2all and injects a dose of performance. Adding to that, Volkswagen says this concept has already received the green light for a production variant.


Despite being the future of one of VW’s most loved performance models, Volkswagen hasn’t revealed any of the ID. GTI’s performance metrics. However, for fans of front-drive sport compacts, the ID. GTI sticks with the front-drive layout that also powers the ID. 2all’s wheels. In ID. GTI trim, those wheels span 20 inches and are wrapped in 245/35 performance rubber.

Dimensionally, the ID. GTI Concept is smaller than its internal-combustion counterpart. The concept is only 161.6 inches long with a 102.4-inch wheelbase. That’s 6.8 inches shorter in total length and 1.2 inches shorter in wheelbase.

The VW ID. GTI Concept is also taller than the eighth-generation Golf GTI, at 59 inches in height. That’s 2.2 inches taller than a Golf GTI, for those counting.

volkswagen id gti concept

Despite ditching the fuel injection and the internal-combustion engine, the ID. GTI Concept sticks with a handful of GTI styling staples. In the front, you’ll find a red grille surround.

There’s also no shortage of GTI badging on this concept’s exterior. Compared to the ID. 2all, you’ll notice this GTI concept features new front and rear styling.

Volkswagen has yet to share interior pictures of this concept, but the company has shown off some sketches and details about what to expect. Volkswagen will opt for a 12.9-inch media touchscreen in the dash, a handful of 45-watt USB-C chargers, a pair of inductive charging pads for smartphones, and a multifunction steering wheel.

Digital instrumentation sits ahead of the driver, and its customizable layout is controlled by buttons on the steering wheel. A column-mounted gear selector tells the ID. GTI Concept which way to move, but VW designers kept the golf-ball shape in the center console to control the GTI Experience Center.

With VW confirming that a battery-electric GTI will hit the assembly line, it’s only a matter of time before we know actual performance figures.

Though the ID. 2all is not confirmed for the United States, we’re sure Volkswagen will ship a battery-electric GTI to the US sooner than later.

Do you think this ID. GTI concept will translate well to a production car? Tell us your thoughts below.