Elon Musk Doubles Down On Insane Tesla Roadster Claims

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Elon Musk Doubles Down On Insane Tesla Roadster Claims
Elon Musk Doubles Down On Insane Tesla Roadster Claims

Not too long ago, Elon Musk sat down with former CNN anchor Don Lemon for a wide-ranging interview. While the fallout of that exchange has been controversial all around, Musk made some interesting claims about the upcoming Roadster which have raised more than a few eyebrows.

The Cybertruck can withstand gunfire, but can it hold up against a compact car?

To start off, Musk expressed that he didn’t want to give away much about the second-gen Roadster’s design and capabilities. However, he dropped the bomb that the all-electric sports car will be a collaboration between SpaceX and Tesla. That was a little unexpected.


According to Musk, the collaboration means the new Tesla Roadster will have some “rockety stuff.” To that Lemon asked if the sports car would fly and Musk smiled, saying “maybe” it would. That has led to a firestorm of speculation since flying cars have pretty much been a bust.

All Musk would say other than that is that the Roadster won’t “really a car” but instead will be “something that’s never existed before.” When Lemon said he’s “getting Jetsons vibes” Musk seemed to agree.

So maybe it will be a flying car? Maybe it will blast off into space? At this point, we have no idea what to expect.

Even though Musk said he had to save the “really cool stuff” for the Roadster’s official reveal, he did disclose it will have some rocket technology in it. Considering what SpaceX has been able to do, that’s getting people understandably excited.

He also doubled down on the claim that the Tesla Roadster will do 0-60 mph in under one second. Many have claimed that’s not physically impossible. Maybe it isn’t, but if Musk’s found a way that will be absolutely crazy.

The Cybertruck was cited by Musk as one of many signs that Tesla is headed in the right direction, saying it’s been “very well received.” There’s been plenty of controversy surrounding its design, build quality, and overall market appeal. However, it’s obvious the CEO believes it’s overall helped build the image of the automaker.

Musk also emphasized the Model Y’s sales supremacy worldwide last year. It will be interesting to see if the all-electric crossover repeats last year’s success or if that was a one-off.

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