Elon Musk pulls a bizarre stunt to test the Tesla Cybertruck: ‘It looks impressive for showing off, but…’

When Tesla first unveiled the Cybertruck, the electric automaker claimed that the vehicle was bulletproof. Now, the company’s founder Elon Musk is putting that claim to the test.

Posted to X, formerly Twitter, a video captured a Cybertruck cruising down a freeway with what appeared to be numerous bullet marks (dents, not holes, as it doesn’t look like any shots fully pierced the metal).

Musk confirmed on X that the vehicle was tested for bulletproofness. “We emptied the entire drum magazine of a Tommy gun into the driver door Al Capone style,” he said. “No bullets penetrated into the passenger compartment.”


However, Electrek noted that it doesn’t look as though the vehicle’s glass was tested by bullets, as its shatterproof qualities were quickly debunked by a steel ball that cracked the glass at the initial unveiling.

The Cybertruck was also recently put to the test on a massive offroading trip from San Diego to Cabo, proving the vehicle’s durability in a variety of terrains. The Cybertruck also recently gained attention online for its rapid acceleration capabilities.

Not every design element has been well-received, though — the vehicle’s enormous single windshield wiper has been consistently mocked by viewers online.

Commenters on Electrek had mixed reactions to the Tommy gun stunt.

“This is innovation in the midst of a huge change in manufacturing! Celebrate it … We live in exciting times of change and innovation at a time that you and our planet desperately needs it,” one user wrote.

“It looks impressive for showing off, but there are plenty of bullet types out there that wouldn’t even penetrate a regular car door that they could have used here. More useful would have been showing that it can stop a regular 9mm handgun bullet at X meters. Tesla as usual going for show rather than substance,” another user explained.

“Lol. Use the slowest least penetrating round to show its bullet proof,” a third user commented. “Let’s see how it handles any modern military style rifle round instead of an outdated collector gun that nobody has to worry about defending against. Might as well used a slingshot, same effect.”

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