Elon Musk says he takes a small amount of ketamine every other week

Elon Musk waving whilst carrying his son
Tesla CEO Elon Musk.Odd Andersen/Getty Images
  • Elon Musk shed light on his drug use and how frequently he uses ketamine.

  • He said in an interview with Don Lemon that he took a "small amount once every other week."

  • Musk said last year, after a report about his drug use, that he had a prescription for ketamine.

Elon Musk revealed for the first time how often he takes ketamine.

The X owner told Don Lemon in an interview released on Monday that he used "a small amount once every other week or something like that," adding, "There are several weeks that'll go by where I don't use it."

Musk said he used ketamine when he had a "negative chemical state" in his brain "like depression," though he added that he didn't believe he had "extended" depression.

Ketamine is an anesthetic that can affect visual and auditory senses and create a "detachment from reality," according to the Alcohol and Drug Foundation. Some people also use it illegally as a party drug, in powder, liquid, or pill form.

Musk said in an X post in August that he had a prescription for ketamine. The Wall Street Journal had in June published a report on his drug use, citing people who'd witnessed him using the anesthetic and people with knowledge of him taking it.