Emilia-Romagna GP called off due to floods

This weekend’s Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix has been cancelled due to floods in the region that mean the race cannot proceed safely.

Severe weather and heavy rainfall has resulted in a number of rivers bursting their banks, with the Santerno river that lines the Imola circuit also at dangerously high levels and leaving areas of the track flooded. The circuit was evacuated on Tuesday with Formula 1 personnel told to stay away from the track today while the situation was monitored.

After meetings took place on Wednesday morning, the decision to call off the race was made when the race promoter and local authorities agreed that the event couldn’t proceed safely at this time, while F1 also did not want to place further burden on the community and emergency services in the region.


Members of the AlphaTauri team had to leave their homes on Tuesday night due to flooding in Faenza, sleeping in the team’s factory to avoid the rising water levels.

More details to follow.

Story originally appeared on Racer