Emma Stone Loved Stunt Driving Her Dodge Challenger for Her New Movie

emma stone in kinds of kindness
Emma Stone Stunt Drives in 'Kinds of Kindness'Atsushi Nishijima

Oscar-winning actress Emma Stone’s recent projects have seen her experiment with stunts and physicality to tell a story, from her toddling walk and “furious jumping” in Poor Things to the high-flying finale of Showtime’s The Curse. Reuniting with director Yorgas Lanthimos for the triptych fable Kinds of Kindness, Stone had the opportunity to flex her stunt skills behind the wheel of a Dodge muscle car.

“I am not an actor that likes to do stunts, I don’t like stunts at all,” said Stone in an interview with Fandango. “If someone else can do it, I’m like, ‘Great, you do it, that would be awesome!’ But the one thing I like stunt-wise is driving. It’s so much fun.”

In trailer clips for the film, Stone’s pantsuited character is seen whirling through concrete landscapes in a purple Dodge Challenger in single-minded, devoted service to a strange cult. Early reviews of the film have praised Stone’s commitment to Lanthimos’ absurdist tone and her fearless performances, and she appears to be just as fearless behind the wheel.

For more high-risk stunts, Stone handed over the keys to her stunt-driving double Amanda Bradley. From early synopses of the film and clips shown in the trailer, we can expect to see Plemons doing some similarly “crazy” driving of his own, with Silas Borelly credited as the film’s stunt driver.


“I don’t think I was legally allowed to do some of those really wide, crazy, fishtail-y ones, but there were some moments that I really got to blast that Charger and I really loved it,” Stone told Fandango.

“There were some accidental fishtails,” costar Jesse Plemons noted.

“I did fishtail with Jesse in the car a couple of times,” Stone admitted, laughing.

U.S. audiences will be able to catch Stone’s stunt driving skills on the big screen as Kinds of Kindness opens in theaters June 21. Expect that of all the bizarre behavior depicted in the film, a little reckless driving will be the least of the transgressions.

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