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Ever dreamt of owning a piece of automotive history? A gem so rare and radiant it almost seems surreal? Brace yourselves, muscle car enthusiasts! A prize, a piece of hallowed history is within your grasp, and it’s none other than the monumental 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30. This model isn’t just a remarkable relic from the epoch of original muscle cars, but it’s a scintillating spectacle, having been one of the mere 129 post coupes produced, a coveted rarity!

The saga of this automotive masterpiece started with an Oldsmobile engineer who special ordered it and finessed it at the esteemed GM’s Milford Proving Grounds. Post its meticulous preparation, it cascaded through the tracks at the NHRA Nationals in 1967, representing the Oldsmobile marquee with unparalleled grandeur, and serving as a testimony to Oldsmobile's engineering prowess.

This 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 is not just a token of the bygone era but also a herald of innovation. With its original Ebony Black exterior and a congruent black interior, this car has undergone a meticulous, no-expense-spared frame-off restoration. It harmoniously blends nostalgia with modernism, retaining its original speed parts including a numbers-matching, blueprinted 350hp 400ci big-block engine, Forced-Air induction, red fender liners, and a relocated battery location, among other distinguished features.

The quintessential 4-4-2 originally denoted a four-barrel, four-speed, and dual exhaust, a moniker becoming so resonant that Oldsmobile embraced it, despite the diversification of transmission choices in the subsequent models. In 1967, be it automatic or four-speed, the illustrious 4-4-2 was a coveted choice, epitomizing versatility and high performance.

Boasting merely 32,000 original miles, this factory drag racer not only gleams with its pristinely restored frame but also is imbued with the legacy and provenance from its original Oldsmobile engineer. It has danced through major NHRA events, illuminating the Oldsmobile brand and solidifying its position as an epitome of high performance. It’s an intriguing memento from an era when owning a color television was considered a luxury, a vivid reminder of the golden days of automotive excellence.


With the essence of the hot muscle-car era flowing through its veins, this 1967 Oldsmobile 442 W30 awaits a new owner, someone who values the rich tapestry of its history and the innovation it represents. It’s not merely an acquisition; it’s an adoption of a legacy, a piece of time beautifully conserved and ready to tell its story to the future generations.

Are you ready to embrace this automotive marvel? To drive a vehicle that is the embodiment of muscle car royalty and to share its illustrious story? It's a journey back in time, a joyride through the glorious pages of automotive evolution, and it awaits a lucky enthusiast with open doors and a revving engine. Don't miss the chance to be the keeper of this exquisite muscle car legacy. Enter now!

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