European Farmers Unveil Custom V16 Hot Rod

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A Colossal Fusion of Americana and Steampunk Artistry.

In an awe-inspiring display of engineering prowess and creative design, Arjan Kolkman recently showcased a video of a remarkable custom V16 Hot Rod, a masterpiece crafted by the innovative minds of Martin Quist and Frans van Tatenhove. This automotive creation is not just a vehicle but a marvel of mechanical artistry, drawing attention from car enthusiasts worldwide.

Central to this extraordinary hot rod is its heart, a colossal twin-turbo 18.6 L (1,136 ci) Detroit Diesel 16V-71 V16 engine, paired seamlessly with an Allison 750 automatic transmission. In its factory specification, this power unit generates an impressive 600-800 horsepower and a staggering torque range of 1,936-2,150 lb-ft. Though it has not been tested on a dyno, the immense power it produces is undeniable, ensuring a formidable presence on the road.


The chassis of this hot rod, inspired by the grandeur of pre-war cars, is a unique concoction of custom design and robust functionality. It features heavy-duty components and semi-truck wheels and tires, strategically chosen to support the weight and power of the massive diesel engine. This blend of strength and style results in a vehicle that is both visually striking and mechanically sound.

Quist and van Tatenhove, the duo behind this creation, are two farmers from Europe who have managed to construct something genuinely extraordinary. Their hot rod stands out not only for its immense size and power but also for its intricate design. The vehicle's aesthetic is a fusion of steampunk and streamlined styles, creating an unusual yet mesmerizing art style crossover that speaks volumes of Americana.

The bodywork of this hot rod, though based on an unidentified model, is meticulously crafted and showcases a level of detail that rivals even the most iconic custom cars, such as Jay Leno's Tank Car. Its presence at the Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany, marks its debut as a showpiece, captivating the imagination of car lovers and art aficionados alike.

For those in Europe, this custom V16 Hot Rod represents a rare opportunity to witness automotive history and artistry in person. Its unique blend of American-inspired design, robust engineering, and creative vision makes it a must-see attraction for anyone with a passion for the extraordinary in the world of cars.

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