Even More Proof Drivers Are Too Distracted

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Even More Proof Drivers Are Too Distracted
Even More Proof Drivers Are Too Distracted

If you live in one of the larger population centers in North America, and maybe elsewhere, you might have noticed drivers seem to be increasingly distracted. Maybe it has something to do with smart phones, touchscreens in cars, substance abuse, or the fact Venus is in retrograde – we don’t know. What we do know is this video of a crash in Iowa perfectly illustrates this point.

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The footage was taken back in 2019 on U.S. 20 near Waterloo, Iowa. It’s a point on the highway where it narrows from two lanes going in the same direction to a single lane. Those spots are prone to slowdowns when traffic is busy, as seems to be the case here.


If you travel through the area often, you should already be aware of the normal slowdowns at that point. Maybe the person who caused this accident isn’t familiar with the road. But if that’s the case then the driver had all the more reason to be paying attention. In other words, any way you cut it, short of having a medical emergency, this driver was one hundred percent just not watching the road.

At the start of the short video clip, which we’ve included, you see traffic has come to a complete stop. While all the other cars are slowing down, there’s a pickup truck that just keeps going the same speed, rocketing towards the others.