Even If You Own A Subaru WRX, Don't Drift To Pass Semi Trucks In The Snow

Gif of a Subaru WRX crashing into a snow plow
Gif of a Subaru WRX crashing into a snow plow

Despite growing up in Massachusetts and spending seven years in Michigan, I cannot stand winter, which is why I happily moved to Los Angeles a few years ago. I hate the cold and wind, I hate the slush, I hate having to get bundled up. But the one thing I miss is driving in the snow — specifically drifting around at every chance I got. (I had an NA Miata on Blizzaks, so basically every moment was an opportunity.) However, it’s not always a good idea — especially not when you’re trying to pass a semi with snow plow coming in the opposite lane.

As fun as hooning around in the snow can be, you still need to be careful and respectful of other drivers on the road, as one Subaru WRX owner in New York recently discovered. The state’s Department of Transportation posted a video to social media that was taken from a snowplow’s dash cam, showing a WRX drifting around a semi truck in the oncoming lane to pass on a two-lane road before smacking into the plow’s plow.

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If you are driving in the snow and absolutely need to pass the person ahead of you, be extra careful. Wait until you have a clear view and a straight stretch of road ahead with no oncoming traffic, give the slower vehicle in front a wide berth when you pass, and try not to pull a sick drift when you do it. But hey, at least the WRX driver used his blinker.

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