Make Every Other Ferrari Owner Green With Envy By Winning This 365 GT4 BB On Bring A Trailer

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This is a very rare 1970s supercar.

Overshadowed by the Ferrari 365 Daytona, many enthusiasts and collectors overlook the Ferrari 365. That was due in part to the V12 engine in the GTB/4 packing a little more of a punch, coupled with a lower redline. It also doesn’t help that these rides were rare with only about 500 emerging out of Maranello during the two-year production run.

The 365 GT4 BB is famous for being the first ever production Ferrari with a mid-mounted 12-cylinder engine. It also sports wedge shape design styling that is akin to the 1968 Pininfarina P6 concept car. Ferrari only made 387 total 365 GT4 BB models between 1973 and 1976, with only 58 slotted for the UK market.

This is said to be one of only 299 left-hand-drive examples of the model, and is powered by a 4.4-liter F102A flat-A. An engine-out service was performed by in 2016 by Symbolic International of San Diego, California, included rebuilding the Magnetti Marelli Dinoplex ignition system. A recent service also freshened up the mechanics. The inside has black leather Daytona-style bucket seats, a gated dogleg shifter, air conditioning, power windows, and a Sony AM/FM cassette stereo.

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