Exactly How Bulletproof Is The Cybertruck? Man With Lots Of Guns Finds Out

Screenshot: JerryRigEverything
Screenshot: JerryRigEverything

The Tesla Cybertruck is supposedly the perfect car for surviving the apocalypse. Not only can you equip it with a $3,000 tent, but it’s also bulletproof. Take that, roving gang of post-apocalyptic car thieves. OK, so technically, the glass itself isn’t actually bulletproof, so that could end up being a problem if anyone ever shoots at you, but at least the body panels will keep you safe, right? Well, as one YouTuber found out recently, that really depends on what kind of guns the bad guys have with them.

YouTuber JerryRigEverything recently decided to test exactly how bulletproof the Tesla Cybertruck is. Or, rather, how bullet-resistant it is. We’re going to go ahead and spoil the video for you and say right up front that the Cybertruck can’t stop a .50-caliber bullet. We know that’s shocking and hard to come to terms with, but yes, a .50-caliber round will cut through the Cybertruck’s bodywork like butter. If the raiders have a couple of M107A1s, just go ahead and hand over your Cybertruck. It’s not worth resisting.

While it’s definitely satisfying to watch a .50-cal punch a hole through the Cybertruck’s sheet metal, what’s much more interesting is seeing how well it actually stands up to smaller rounds. The Ridge wallet promo is a little clumsy, but the Cybertruck legitimately doesn’t have a problem stopping 9mm ammunition. So as long as they don’t shoot the windshield or any of the windows, good luck stopping a Cybertruck with a Glock 19.


What if you’re being attacked by a farmer with a varmint rifle, though? If that’s the case, you may be in more trouble than you expected. The .17 HMR round they used went right through the metal, which definitely puts the clutter of groundhogs you’re hauling at risk. Next up, though, they tested the Cybertruck against a .223. And what do you know, as it turns out, it also can’t stop a .223. Which is kind of a big deal when you consider how common the AR-15 is in the U.S.

In any post-apocalyptic scenario, it’s pretty much a guarantee that the raiders in the wastelands will have AR-15s. If they decide to shoot up your Cybertruck, we’re sorry, but you’re toast. Not that you were ever safe without bulletproof glass in the first place.

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