Excellent Bad Idea: Humvee On Tracks

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Excellent Bad Idea: Humvee On Tracks
Excellent Bad Idea: Humvee On Tracks

We absolutely love Humvees because they’re tough, capable, and all around a lot of fun. We’ve seen people add tracks and plenty of other crazy modifications to them in the past, but were pleasantly surprised to find someone is sending their tracked M998 to the auction block soon.

Excellent bad idea: off-roading a Polaris Slingshot.

While for some of us part of the fun is selecting the Humvee, choosing which tracks to put on, busting our knuckles putting those tracks on the truck, etc. that’s half the fun, other people are going to love this turnkey off-roader.

Whether you try bidding on and hopefully get this machine or decide to build your own, we think a Humvee with tracks is definitely an excellent bad idea. We’ve seen this done before, not only on Humvees but other four-wheel-drive and even some all-wheel-drive vehicles and think it’s great, especially for playing around in the snow.


When you combine that kind of versatility versus traditional tires, plus the amazing capabilities of Humvee, we imagine one could get into all kinds of crazy situations. Even just without the tracks you can do some amazing things in one of these old military machines, like climb a vertical wall or with a snorkel drive completely underwater.

We’re not recommending doing any of these stunts because they’re definitely dangerous and could end poorly. But just imagine what other kinds of things you could do by adding tracks to a Humvee.

We looked around YouTube and only found guys blasting around groomed snow trails in their Humvee with tracks. There’s so much more potential and you could tap it if you get this vehicle or build your own. Either way, it would be cool.

If you’re interested in this crazy machine, see the lot listing on Mecum Auctions.

Image via Mecum Auctions