It was ‘exhausted’ after getting stuck in a Florida canal. See how cops freed the beast

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A cow in Florida caught a lucky break out of a hot and sticky situation.

According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, a bovine was “in distress” after getting mired in a Naples-area canal.

A Facebook post shows deputies from the Agriculture Bureau going to work, braving “the heat and the hazards” to rescue the poor thing.

A release says when the deputies arrived Sunday to the area, off of Everglades Boulevard, they encountered the cow, which was “exhausted from failed attempts to free itself.”

A corporal roped the farm animal and then entered the chest deep water to secure a halter on it.

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Deputies, along with two good Samaritans, pushed and pulled the cow and were able to inch it along in a “painstaking process” that involved ropes and straps, says the release.

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All told, it took about three hours to maneuver the beast onto “a rescue glide,” which protected it from rocks and debris.

A picture with the release shows the black-colored female lying on the bank after the ordeal.

The cow, which likely would have died had it not been for the men’s heroic actions, has now been reunited with its owner, said Collier Sheriff Kevin Rambosk.