F-Series, Ranchero, Bronco, and Econoline Drove Ford’s 1973 Truck Lineup

1973 ford trucks magazine advertisement
Ford’s 1973 Truck Lineup Does EverythingFord Motor Company

The Ford F-Series began its reign as the best-selling truck in the United States beginning in 1977, but the Ford Motor Company has been a truck superpower going back to the days of the Ford Delivery Car.

For the 1973 model year, Ford put together this centerfold magazine advertisement for four of its trucks, including the first-generation Bronco when it tipped the scales at just barely over 3000 pounds.

1973 ford ranchero magazine advertisement
Ford Motor Company

The Ranchero cartruck remained a Torino with a party in the back for 1973, and it stayed that way until it was replaced by an LTD II-based version for the 1977 model year.

1973 ford econoline camper special magazine advertisement
Ford Motor Company

The short-nosed Econoline van was built for the 1968 through 1974 model years. The Camper Special RV version was available through Ford dealers.

1973 ford f series magazine advertisement
Ford Motor Company

Ford had the F-100, F-250 and F-350, in two- and four-wheel-drive, for 1973. That was the first model year for the sixth-generation F-Series, which was the one that began Ford's chart-topping sales run in 1977.