F1 News Cycle Grasping for Relevance as Ricciardo Says Taylor Swift Would Probably Date Leclerc, Not Alonso

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Ricciardo Thinks Taylor Swift Would Date LeclercGetty Images

I'm so sorry, but this story about Taylor Swift dating Fernando Alonso, which she isn't, won't die and it's our duty to at least give you an update of some sort, I guess.

For those of you just catching up, a Tumblr rumor went out of control a few weeks ago that said that because Taylor Swift and Fernando Alonso had both broken up with their significant others recently, they were now dating. It was picked up by gossip sites, never confirmed, and then took on a life of its own. Alonso started referring to it in interviews and on TikTok. We wrote about it, more than once. Taylor is dating someone else. It's a whole thing.

Now, in an interview, Daniel Ricciardo was asked about it for some reason, and he gave his thoughts as to which driver he thinks Taylor would date. It's not Alonso, because Ricciardo believes he is too focused on racing and nothing outside of it. He put Charles Leclerc up for the job. Leclerc, ironically, also recently broke up with his girlfriend (why do we know this?), but more relevant to Ricciardo's argument, Leclerc also recently released some music, so he'd have more things that he could relate to Swift on.


Riveting stuff, I know. Aren't you glad you heard about this? No? Oh. Sorry.

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