F1 Owners Liberty Media Just Bought MotoGP for $4.5 Billion

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F1's Owners Will Buy MotoGP for $4.5 BillionIcon Sportswire - Getty Images

Liberty Media, the company that has owned the commercial rights to Formula 1 since 2016, has announced plans to acquire commercial rights to MotoGP. The deal is set to complete by the end of 2024 at a cost of $4.5 billion and MotoGP Management will retain 14% ownership after the sale.

Once the deal is complete, Liberty Media will be in sole control of the commercial rights for grand prix racing for both cars and bikes going forward. While that comes with some non-competitive concerns, it also opens the door for possible cross-promotion that could grow both audiences. That could be particularly fruitful for MotoGP, which had such an issue getting a new TV deal in the U.S. this year that the entire package was announced just three days before the season's first race.