F1 turns down Andretti for 2026, door open for 2028

Formula 1 has rejected Andretti’s bid to join the grid over the next two seasons, but “would look differently on an application” for 2028 alongside General Motors as a power unit supplier.

The FIA had already approved Andretti Formula Racing LLC as a potential entrant that met its criteria late last year, but commercial approval from Formula One Management (FOM) was required, and FOM had been opposed to expanding beyond the current 10 teams.

After an assessment period of Andretti’s submission and the potential value it could bring to the series, FOM has now explained that it doesn’t feel 2025 is a realistic target for a new team to be ready and competitive — and that any new team only adds value if it’s competitive — while 2026 and 2027 would see a power unit supply deal required. Although an agreement was provisionally in place with Renault, it could also be an enforced deal based on the supplier with the fewest customer for either of those seasons.


“The need for any new team to take a compulsory power unit supply, potentially over a period of several seasons, would be damaging to the prestige and standing of the Championship,” one of F1’s conclusions read.

“While the Andretti name carries some recognition for F1 fans, our research indicates that F1 would bring value to the Andretti brand rather than the other way around.

“The addition of an 11th team would place an operational burden on race promoters, would subject some of them to significant costs, and would reduce the technical, operational and commercial spaces of the other competitors.”

However, General Motors has already registered its interest in becoming a full power unit supplier from 2028 onwards, and FOM says that is a point where it would look more favorably on the Andretti bid.

“We would look differently on an application for the entry of a team into the 2028 Championship with a GM power unit, either as a GM works team or as a GM customer team designing all allowable components in-house. In this case there would be additional factors to consider in respect of the value that the applicant would bring to the Championship, in particular in respect of bringing a prestigious new OEM to the sport as a PU supplier.”

As part of the commercial assessment period, F1 says it extended an invitation to Andretti on December 12 to present its application during an in-person meeting at the sport’s offices, “but the applicant did not take us up on this offer.”

Story originally appeared on Racer