Facebook Marketplace Carjacking Results In Chase And Fatal Crash

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Facebook Marketplace Carjacking Results In Chase And Fatal Crash
Facebook Marketplace Carjacking Results In Chase And Fatal Crash

With so few consequences hitting car thieves for years in many areas, it’s no wonder some have decided to get more aggressive and just carjack people. One of the growing ways these violent offenders find their victims is through online listings like Facebook Marketplace. That’s exactly how a tragic series of events started in Michigan.

Instacart carjacking leaves the people of Charlotte in shock.

A man in Shiawassee County listed his 2009 Pontiac G8 for sale and arranged to meet a supposed buyer. Three men from Detroit showed up and instead of taking the used car for a test drive, produced a run and pistol whipped the seller to get the keys.


They drove off in the stolen vehicle and were on Interstate 69 when Michigan State Police saw the Pontiac, signaling for them to pull over. Rather than comply, they took off, taking an exit in Flint and snaking through the surface streets, reports ABC 12.

Michigan State Police called off the pursuit, feeling it was too dangerous to the public to keep chasing the suspects down. The suspects got back on I-69, then exited again, losing control of the car and running into a bus. The driver sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized. The front passenger only suffered minor injuries and was booked into the Shiawassee County Jail. As for the third suspect riding in the backseat, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

It's interesting to note that calling off the chase didn’t cause the suspects to slow down. We’re not saying this is always the case, but we see a lot of accidents involving criminals fleeing recklessly even though police stopped chasing them. Thankfully in this case they didn’t hurt or kill anyone else.

Unfortunately, the guy selling his Pontiac is out that asset. Hopefully his insurance will cover its full value.

Image via ABC 12

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