The Factory That Built The Ferrari Testarossa Is Sitting Abandoned In Italy

Screenshot: Jalopnik/ Forgotten Buildings YouTube
Screenshot: Jalopnik/ Forgotten Buildings YouTube

There’s something eerie and endlessly intriguing about exploring abandoned buildings. Standing in a forgotten space, you can feel the living that happened there and face that it has — like everything eventually does — ceased. It can feel like walking right up to the edge of death and gawking at the permanent void. Anyway, Forgotten Buildings on YouTube recently had the opportunity to poke around Pininfarina’s abandoned San Giorgio factory that was once part of the “World’s Longest Assembly Line.”

The factory also built the Ferrari Testarosa, Alfa Romeo Brera and Spider, and the pretty little Peugeot 406 Coupe before shutting its doors in 2010. It hasn’t been closed for long. A lot of the machinery is fairly modern, and the items that have been left behind, like literature and jumpsuits, make it feel like the factory was evacuated in a hurry, even if that wasn’t actually the case.

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