Family Found With Stolen McLaren And Lamborghini

And there were other stolen cars at the house.

According to police in Memphis, a family was caught with four vehicles reported stolen, including a 2021 McLaren 720S and a 2019 Lamborghini Urus. Those two cars have a combined value of $633,000. We’re not sure exactly what kind of family just sits around home with two stolen exotic vehicles, but it sure makes for a wild story.

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A report from WREG indicates there were two other stolen vehicles at the house: a 2019 Maserati Levante and a Nissan Maxima. Once police made the discoveries, they placed the man who owns the house and his parents under arrest.


All three members of the family have bee changed with several counts of theft. The parents have also been charged with altering vehicle serial numbers. That’s normally done so thieves or those who buy stolen cars from others can turn around and sell them to shoppers, usually leaving them in a bad situation once it’s discovered their car belongs to someone else.

The weird thing about this report is it sounds like the family might have been using the Nissan Maxima as their personal vehicle. Police noticed the VIN looked like it was altered, and after investigating they determined the sedan had been a rental vehicle which was stolen from Memphis International Airport back in 2019. The other vehicles had been reported as stolen just in the past few months.

A search of the house also turned up “a large amount of marijuana” as well as guns and $118,000 in cash. It’s not entirely clear what the plans were for the Lamborghini, McLaren, and Maserati although it’s likely they were to be sold at some point. This is why we recommend running the VIN on any car you’re looking at buying and being critical of deals which seem too good to be true.

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