Family Sues Kia For Patriarch’s Death

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Family Sues Kia For Patriarch’s Death
Family Sues Kia For Patriarch’s Death

Kia, as well as its sister brand Hyundai, has seen all kinds of legal problems lately. A few years ago, the two were battling a pervasive spontaneous combustion problem, which seems to keep popping up in different models. But now the automakers are getting slammed by lawsuits thanks to plenty of cars sold without immobilizers. One of the latest is a family out of the Columbus, Ohio area.

Kias have been recalled for another security risk.

In what’s become far too common of an occurrence, 36-year-old Matthew Moshi died a few days after he was hit by a stolen Kia. Three teenagers were in that car, the driver was only 15 years old. That was back in November 2023 but now his wife has filed a lawsuit claiming under state law Kia failed to correct security design flaws, leading to her husband’s death.


Speaking with local station ABC6, family attorney Terry Hummel with Scott Schiff & Associates expressed the belief that Kia has fueled car theft by not including immobilizers in vehicles. "We think this is something that has gotten to the point where it's out of control."

Moshi’s widow is suing for at least $25,000, although Hummel said the family could receive even more money.