Fan Films Shaquille O’Neal Cruising In His Custom Hellcat Redeye

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Fan Films Shaquille O’Neal Cruising In His Custom Hellcat Redeye
Fan Films Shaquille O’Neal Cruising In His Custom Hellcat Redeye

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal really loves his muscle cars, but the crown jewel in his collection is his custom Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Delivered to him last summer by Forbes Performance, a company which has customized three other Chargers for the basketball star, it sports a unique look you can’t miss.

Shaq can’t fit in supercars, yet he still buys them. Find out why.

That probably only helped a fan recognize Shaq while he was cruising around Atlanta. Once O’Neal realized the guy recognized him (and how couldn’t he?) the man didn’t shy away but instead smiled big and flashed a victory sign.


Shaq was clearly pleased with how many in the public adore him. But then he did something we respect even more: he wound up the supercharged Hemi V8 and took off in a fury, the machine growling wildly.

Yes, Shaq is a gearhead just like us.

You can’t see all the customizations made to the full-size muscle car in the video, mostly because it was shot in the daytime. In the dark you can see the red chassis lights, glowing SRT badge in the grille, and running lights. Plus, the headlights project green graphics on the ground ahead, an eerie touch which really sets the Charger apart.

On that bulging hood is a #34 decal, O’Neal’s number with the Lakers. Plus, There are #34 graphics on the rear fenders, an aggressive rear diffuser, and Shaq’s likeness from the show Hot Ones, made famous by memes, just in case anyone was wondering who the owner of the car is.

A Hellcat Redeye is plenty potent with 797-horsepower on tap. Some believe the car is actually a Jailbreak model, which is entirely possible. If true, Shaq is pushing 807-hp, so a slight bump up. Either way, the man is rolling hard and loving it.

Images via wheelswonderland/Instagram