Fans Got Candid About How Much They Really Paid For Taylor Swift Tickets, And Dang

 Taylor Swift in a yellow dress in the Lover music video.
Taylor Swift in a yellow dress in the Lover music video.

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has begun, and fans have been sharing iconic videos from the concerts to get others hyped for her upcoming shows. The production values are top tier, with the pop princess making several costume changes to celebrate all of her musical eras and performing a whooping 40+ songs from her catalog. (That including some old favorites like "Our Song".) It feels like almost every fan wants to be at one of these events. But on that note, Swifties have revealed what they paid for their tickets, and it's steeper than you may expect.

A writer for BuzzFeed, who had the opportunity to attend the concert, interviewed some of the other attendees present at Taylor Swift’s concert in Arizona. The scribe asked them what they paid to see  Swift on tour and asked what sections they were seated in. The answers were astonishing, to say the least, with price tags for the tickets reportedly in the thousands. A gym owner sitting on the floor, in close proximity to the stage, said he paid a whooping $3000 for his Eras tickets and added:

This is my first of five nights I'm going for this tour. I'm right in front of the catwalk. I wanted to be as close as possible to celebrate this milestone with Taylor.


Is anyone else's wallet just screaming right now? Another fan who obtained a floor seat paid $1,400 for their ticket. While that's quite a bit of cheddar to dish out for the concert, they seem to have no regrets over the purchase:

I got my tickets last night, which is so last minute. Sure, I paid a lot. But my ass belongs here in that floor seat.

It's pretty much a given that the floor seats are the most expensive, yet other tickets throughout the stadium were also incredibly high. While some managed to get tix for reasonable, face value costs, many were not. Amid the show, the reporter spoke to two fans, who revealed that they spent around $500 dollars for nosebleed seats. As for how they feel about having dished out so much money, one said:

I missed the reputation tour in 2018 when I moved from Boston to here, so I've been waiting for this concert for a very, very long time.

And that's not all. On Reddit, fans were also being candid about the cost of their Eras seats. Many admitted to panic-buying tickets due to high demand during the infamous Ticketmaster fiasco. One fan revealed:

[I paid] $4,350 for 4 VIP tickets (2nd row). Did not care for the VIP but wanted a good floor seat and grabbed the first ones available. I feel like I overpaid but happy I have tickets.

Another user lamented over having to buy a “partially obstructed” view ticket. This usually refers to a seat nearly behind the stage where you wouldn’t be able to see some parts of the concert. These tix were cheaper but are still high compared to most concerts:

[I paid] $336 for a partially obstructed seat in Nashville! 💀💀💀

Collectively, these totals may be a hard pill to swallow but, for many hardcore Swifties, it's hard to imagine missing this tour. The concert is being advertised as a pinnacle of Taylor Swift's career, accumulating all of her music from the last two decades. Videos from the concert are going viral online and contributing to the massive hype. Eras is on track to becoming one of the highest grossing tours of all time and, by the looks of it, Swift is determined to make the show worth her fans' money.

The fandom will surely be keeping an eye on the tour as it goes on. In the meantime, Swifties wanting to witness a one of the songstress' concerts can get a taste of the magic by streaming her 2018 concert film, Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour, which is available now with a Netflix subscription. For more information on other films hitting the streamer this year, make sure to consult our 2023 Netflix movie release schedule. Also, do yourself a favor and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Swift projects in order to get info on other endeavors the "Anti-Hero" singer has coming down the pike.