Fast & Furious Star Ludacris Made the Super Bowl Halftime Show

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Fast & Furious Star Ludacris Makes Halftime ShowLauren Leigh Bacho - Getty Images

You may think that Usher's Super Bowl halftime show was not cars. You would be wrong, though, because Fast & Furious star Ludacris showed up to perform his verse from "Yeah!" at the end.

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges emerged near the end of the show, joining Usher and Lil Jon on the stage to sing their hit that sat at #1 on Billboard's year-end charts for 2004 and #2 on the company's decade-end charts for the 2000s. Bridges did not get in on the rollerblade choreography, but he did cap off the biggest single musical event of any given year in style while wearing an absurd football-themed leather jacket.


The "Yeah!" performance effectively caps off a 20-year anniversary of the year Bridges ran the world. While Luda is still rapping and acting regularly, he was inescapable in 2003 and 2004. That year saw his first solo #1 with "Stand Up," and, most relevantly to Road & Track, his first major role in a movie as Tej Parker in 2 Fast 2 Furious, and his guest verse on one of the biggest songs of the decade. Bridges has since appeared in six more Fast & Furious movies, gradually changing the character from a mechanic-turned-emcee into a globally important heist team's tech guy.

In addition to all of Luda's hits and films where he pilots a Fiero in space, the overlap of his two careers also gave the world a song about his car's birthday. A true automotive hero.

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