‘Fast X’ Trailers Promise More Mayhem with the Laws of Physics

fast x trailers
Check Out These Crazy ‘Fast X’ Trailerscourtesy Universal

Fast X is coming to theaters May 19 and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Should you try? Ask yourself the following: Do you like cars crashing into each other at improbable angles, people surviving body slams that would flatten a 747, and general mayhem vis-à-vis orthopedic surgery and the laws of physics? Do you love La Familia? Is plot important to you? If you answered yes, yes, and no, then go get in line now for the opening of Fast X May 19.

So far there have only been two official trailers released to this 10th installment to the franchise, both of them shown here. In the first, above, we are introduced to evil bad guy Dante, played with long-haired villainy by Aquaman actor Jason Momoa. But why is Dante so evil? He spells it out right there in the trailer, where his chilling voiceover is addressed to Dom himself!


“You’ve built such a beautiful life filled with love and family. I never got that chance. You stole that from me—my future, my family—and now, I’m gonna break yours.”


What’s his motivation? Remember in Fast 5 when they stole that bank vault using TWO Dodge Chargers? Not only did that fully void the warranty of both cars, it turns out that the bank vault had $100 million that belonged to a Brazilian bad guy kingpin named Hernan Reyes. And guess who’s Reyes’ son? Dante! And he’s STILL upset about it. So he’s going to get even.


Trailer number two is more of the same with less explanation. A guy named Dante blows up the Vatican? Oh, the irony!

IMDB estimates the budget of Fast X at $340 million, most of which looks like it went to dynamite and junk cars to flip.

Something else interesting: Fast X will be told over the course of two movies, not just one, because Vin Diesel has said, “There’s so much ground to cover.” Fast X was originally scheduled for release three years ago, but it was delayed by the pandemic. Now Fast X and XI (or 10 and 11 for those not part of the Roman empire), is coming out one movie at a time, with Fast X debuting May 19. No word yet when the 11th and final film will be released.

Oh, and there will be no more Hobbs. Officially, actor Duane Johnson is “pursuing other projects.” But gossip sheets have claimed that Johnson just couldn’t stand being given acting advice from the frog-voiced Vin Diesel. Who knows what really happened? Is Vin Diesel a great actor? As Oscar-winner Helen Mirren says to Dom in one of the scenes filmed in Rome, “Well, this ain’t no Roman Holiday… and you’re no Gregory Peck…” That’s a line in the movie! (Younger readers, google Roman Holiday.) But Fast 9 included a lot of scenes poking fun at itself, too, so expect humor among the horror.

For a good behind-the-scenes peek at more Fast X movie intrigue, have a look at this FilMonger video that covers its filming. There’s a lot of insight in it.

In any case, the Fast & Furious franchise has brought in over $5.5 billion in its first nine films and will probably add another billion once Fast XI follows at an as-yet unannounced date. So get ready for more money-making madness starting in just a little over two weeks.

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