Father, Son Charged After Killing Alleged Hellcat Thief

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Father, Son Charged After Killing Alleged Hellcat Thief
Father, Son Charged After Killing Alleged Hellcat Thief

A 22-year-old man is dead after police say a father and son tracked down a stolen Dodge Charger Hellcat. It’s just the latest example in a string of incidents where victims of car theft have tracked down their vehicle only for violence to erupt.

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Everything happened on the afternoon of May 18 in Kansas City, Missouri, with officers responding to the crime scene just before 2 pm. There are conflicting details from the father and son, according to local station KSHB but we can somewhat piece together what happened.

The muscle car had been stolen earlier that day. The son tracked down the stolen Hellcat and asked for his dad’s help in going to retrieve it. They arrived at an apartment complex where the Mopar was and spotted it.


But four guys nearby noticed they were looking at the Dodge. At least two of them advanced on the Camry the father and son were in and the son says he saw a gun in one guy’s hands. Scared, the son got a gun out of the Toyota’s glovebox.

There’s disagreement between the father and son about how everything went down after that. Somewhere in the mix, the Camry ran over the guy who was found dead at the scene, the guys on foot at least shot out the Toyota’s windows, and the father and son eventually hid out in an apartment until police showed up.

We’re sure detectives have their work cut out for them in this case, because it sounds messy.

In the meantime, the father and son have been charged, but there’s no mention of the other people involved in the shootout being charged. We don’t have all the details so we can’t say why that is, but we think some readers will have thoughts about it.

Our perspective here is going to retrieve your stolen car can be risky, dangerous even. We’re not going to tell you whether you should do it yourself or not. But know it could turn violent.

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