Who’s At Fault In This Dodge Hellcat Crash?

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Who’s At Fault In This Dodge Hellcat Crash?
Who’s At Fault In This Dodge Hellcat Crash?

When you’re driving, it’s imperative you always stay alert and aware of your surroundings. That might sound exhausting but if you build up the habit of seeing everything and looking at nothing, you will be far less likely to get into a crash. That said, the unfortunate truth is sometimes no matter what you do sometimes other people will hit you.

This head-on crash shows why you always have to be alert when driving.

That’s sadly the situation this Dodge Charger Hellcat, our camera car in the dashcam footage, faces while sitting at a red light. It’s the actions of two other drivers which are up for debate which is refreshing because for once this crash isn’t the fault of a Hellcat.

The footage opens with the Hellcat stationery and a BMW 6 Series sitting behind it. Suddenly, another Dodge Charger comes up on the right, likely to make a turn at the light, and that triggers the Bimmer driver to suddenly start pulling to the right.


You’ll notice the BMW never flashes its turn signal. We’ve heard they function in this brand of vehicles, but there’s a lack of evidence to back that claim up, so we wonder if the Bavarian boys just don’t know how to build functional turn signals.

Anyway, the Bimmer goes from stationary to sharply turning right in front of the Dodge and those two cars collide. Then the 6 Series hits the back of the Hellcat, startling the driver who immediately calls for assistance.

The collision is at a lower speed, thankfully, so we don’t think anyone was seriously hurt. But with the sensors and whatnot embedded in modern bumpers, there’s no doubt this accident involving three vehicles totaled up to a pretty sum.

What people are debating is whether the BMW 6 Series or the second Dodge Charger driver are at fault in this crash. Some say the Mopar wasn’t in a designated lane and so is automatically at fault. Others argue the Bimmer failed to look or signal, turning into the path of the other car, thus making it all his fault.

Watch the video and tell us who you think caused this crash.

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