Ferrari Paints A Bright Picture For 2024

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Ferrari Paints A Bright Picture For 2024
Ferrari Paints A Bright Picture For 2024

As Ferrari looks back on a successful 2023 in its latest earnings call, the storied Italian automaker has signaled it’s poised to make big moves in 2024. After all, when you’re leading the pack you have to keep setting the pace, and Maranello certainly is a master of doing just that.

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For 2023, Ferrari set a new record after delivering 13,663 cars to customers around the globe. That might not sound like much compared to certain other brands, but keep in mind Ferraris cater to a very special clientele and each vehicle is crafted with care.


To give you perspective, Ferrari set a delivery record of 13,221 units for 2022. It took the brand only a year to top that, admittedly not by many. Still, a record is a record and it’s far better than automakers who have seen a contraction in sales of late.

Those sales helped Ferrari achieve net revenue of about $6,400,000,000 USD in 2023 for well over 17% compared to 2022. One can’t argue with results like that and Ferrari seems optimistic the good times will continue rolling forward.

In fact, Ferrari says it’s anticipating even greater revenue this year. The brand is hot and should stay that way.

One of the big revelations is that Ferrari isn’t slowing down for 2024 with reported plans to launch three new models this year. Before getting too excited, know they’re all spoken for already. The same goes for all builds scheduled for 2025. And we expect that will soon become 2026 if the recent past is any indication.

We can’t confirm that Ferrari is launching exactly three models this year, but it is a believable figure. Speculation about what they might be is rampant on the internet, with many anticipating a new hypercar to follow in the lofty footsteps of the LaFerrari. Rumors claim this model, which has been spotted in heavy camouflage, is internally named F250. With how crafty Ferrari is, any of this information could be used to throw competitors off.

Things are far murkier when it comes to the other two claimed 2024 models. We expect at least one to be a grand tourer, with rumors of an 812 Superfast everywhere. The other could be something quite exotic or perhaps a little more practical, as far as Ferraris go. Once these models are revealed we expect they’ll make a tremendous splash with resale prices surging rapidly for the few which head to auction or are involved in private transactions.

While some had their doubt about Ferrari’s ability to increase sales while simultaneously navigating a future that involves electrification and fewer cylinders per car, it seems the powers that be at Maranello are once again showing why they’re considered the best of the industry.

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