FG Series reveals FG-Twin electric race car

FG Series, the forthcoming all-electric championship aimed at developing the next generation of on- and off-track talent, has unveiled the car which it will utilize from its inaugural season in 2025.

Penned by renowned designer Daniel Simon — who previously worked for SEAT, Lamborghini, designed the 2011 HRT Formula 1 team’s livery, and whose film credits credits include Tron Legacy and Top Gun Maverick — the FG-Twin is a modular car, which will have rear- and four-wheel drive configurations, with both axles capable of handling a peak power output of 350kW. Used power levels will depend on which category the car is racing in, with FG Series running two tiers of competition, FG1 and FG2.

“FG Series presented me with an intriguing proposition: to design an advanced open-wheel monoposto that meets performance and regulation goals and adds modern automotive styling,” said Simon. “As a car designer passionate about motorsports, my task was to make it poster-worthy from every angle.


“The result is a machine with an iconic, rocket-inspired shape, automotive crease lines, balanced proportions, a dynamic stance, and sci-fi lighting details. Such attention to aesthetics is rare for racing cars, and I hope this excites racers and spectators of all generations alike.”

FG2 is the entry-level tier, focused on the beginning of a driver’s development, with the car running on a lower power setting in that category. FG1, meanwhile, will be for more experienced drivers and as well as having more power on tap, will also offer increased downforce and more freedom for setup options.

One of the key aims for FG Series is to reduce the costs to compete. As such, cars will be used by multiple drivers across both championships on race weekends.

But the car is not all about the participants. For spectators, the car also incorporated digital screens which the series says “will deliver dynamic vital stats to the audience such as battery levels, race position, and other performance information”.

“Today is a big day for FG Series as we unveil the outstanding design of the FG-Twin. It’s our centerpiece to introduce FG Series and its disruptive solutions,” said Nick Heidfeld, FG Series co-founder and chief sporting officer. “Defining the styling targets was a collaborative team effort but surpassing them while meeting the latest safety requirements and technical specifications was only possible due to Daniel Simon’s exceptional skills.

“Collaborating with Daniel Simon has been a dream come true for me. Our goal with FG Series is to enable talents from all over the world to pursue their motorsport ambitions and we hope this is just the first of many dreams to be fulfilled.”

Story originally appeared on Racer