Fiat 600e Abarth Looks Rad in Purple, Sadly Won't Come to America

abarth 600e driving on a track
Fiat 600e Abarth Looks Rad in Purple, Has 237 HPAbarth
  • Abarth just revealed its take on the new Fiat 600e electric subcompact SUV.

  • The Abarth version sports a prominent rear spoiler, a more aggressive front end, and, on the launch edition, an eye-catching purple paint job. Plus, at 237 horsepower, the 600e is the most powerful Abarth ever.

  • Like the standard Fiat 600e, the Abarth won't be sold Stateside. The wonderful Scorpionissima launch version is limited to 1949 units.

There's something special about a hot hatch with an all-too-loud color of paint being unceremoniously thrashed by its driver. Perhaps it's the teenager in all of us, or maybe it's the idea that driving a slow car fast is more rewarding than driving a fast car slow. Whatever the reason, we're absolutely enthralled by this image of the new Fiat 600e Abarth.

This is Abarth's high-performance take on the new electric Fiat 600e, which was revealed last year. Neither model is planned to be sold in the United States as Fiat continues to focus on the launch of the 500e here.

2024 fiat 600e
Fiat 600eFiat

Despite the relatively modest figure of 237 horsepower, the 600e is the most powerful Abarth model ever. Sticking to the hot hatch theme, it's equipped with a mechanical limited-slip differential to aid in traction. Furthering that goal, Abarth happily points out that the tires for the 600e were developed jointly with Hankook, the tire supplier for the Formula E racing series.


Assuming it shares the same battery as the Fiat version, the 600e Abarth should come equipped with a 54.0-kWh lithium-ion battery, which in the Fiat is good for providing about 249 miles of range on Europe's more optimistic WLTP test cycle.

Hot Stuff

The Scorpionissima launch edition shown here comes finished in an eye-catching and exclusive Hypnotic Purple paint that we're loving. It's a little tough to see with the angle provided, but there's also a prominent spoiler at the rear of the car. We don't have detailed specs yet, but it appears that Abarth also stuffed some larger brakes under the 20-inch wheels, which are a step up from the 18-inch wheels found on the standard Fiat.

The Scorpionissima launch edition will be limited to 1949 units, and come with a certificate of authenticity. When it launched the 600e, Fiat said the electric underpinnings brought about an "increased Dolce Vita feel," but we think the Abarth version has more of a "vita veloce" vibe to it.

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