A Fiery End To A Street Takeover In Downtown Los Angeles

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A Fiery End To A Street Takeover In Downtown Los Angeles
A Fiery End To A Street Takeover In Downtown Los Angeles

A street takeover in downtown Los Angeles came to a fiery conclusion when two cars were torched in the illegally closed-off intersection over the weekend. Hundreds of people attended the wild gathering as we notice a trend is strengthening in these events.

Street takeover dorks destroy another Camaro.

We’re talking, of course, about the practice of burning cars during street takeovers. This has been done for at least a few years, but it used to be a more occasional thing. Now it seems the vehicle torching is becoming a regular thing.

Oftentimes, cars used in street takeovers are in fact stolen. What better way to destroy evidence and make your illegal gathering all the wilder than to burn one of those cars?


Considering the general vibe of takeovers or sideshows, as some call them, is complete anarchy, this practice seems to fit in just fine. The only issue is it presents even more of a public safety risk and costs cities more to clean up.

We don’t think the street takeover people care about any of that, but city leaders as well as state lawmakers and taxpayers should. At some point the gloves have to come off with this practice instead of it just being blown off as kids having fun.

Fox 11 reports there were at least 50 cars participating in this takeover. People were shooting off fireworks, another common practice lately. Some fireworks were exploding in the burning cars, too.

Not surprisingly, police didn’t arrest a single person. We wonder if anyone will be charged for creating such a mess and sucking up city resources. Even if they are, it’s doubtful prosecutors will go for the jugular. And this is why takeovers continue to rage out of control is Los Angeles and other cities.

Image via Fox 11 Los Angeles/YouTube

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