Final episode of Living With Ed featuring Bill Nye the Science Guy airs tonight

If there happens to be some time left in your TV viewing schedule tonight (there might be something else on today, I'll have to check), the finale is airing tonight on HGTV. We got an email from Amie Kershbaum on behalf of HGTV saying that tonight's episode will be the "final episode of the show." Ed Begley's reality show on extreme green living (well, fairly extreme) premiered on New Year's Day, so that sure didn't last long.

Well, for one last time, you can see Ed and his wife Rachelle navigate daily life in an eco-conscious way. The couple gets a visit from Bill Nye the Science Guy, and he and Ed try to figure out who lives the most green lifestyle (Nye virtually hosts a resource center on The show airs tonight at 10 pm on HGTV.