The final teaser for Dodge's final Last Call car has landed

The final teaser for Dodge's final Last Call car has landed

Dodge’s marketing around the final Last Call car is impressive. The automaker has managed to build hype and interest in cars that have been on sale for several years, and the past few weeks have been packed with tantalizingly mysterious teaser videos. There’s no mystery about the shape we’ll see when Dodge pulls the curtain back at the reveal event in Las Vegas later today (at 9 p.m. Eastern). But the automaker’s stream of videos has built plenty of interest in the car’s specs.

A promo released over the weekend shows the now-familiar evil leprechaun character skydiving. In place of an altimeter on his wrist, a digital speedometer appears to top out at 140 mph. Dissatisfied with that number, the leprechaun dives forward, sending the speedo spinning.

Dodge broke the 200-mph mark with the Challenger SRT Demon and, later, the Super Stock. Even the not-as-special Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody scrapes past at 203 mph, so there’s more than a good chance this mystery car will sport a hefty top speed.

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