There’s Finally a New Lexus GX on the Way

A 2024 Lexus GX.
A 2024 Lexus GX.

It’s been well over a decade since the current SUV came out, but Lexus seems like it’s finally ready to unveil the all-new, third-generation 2024 GX to the world. Well, it almost is. The Japanese automaker has released two fairly zoomed-in photos of its luxury off roader, and that’s all we get for now. Hell, we don’t even have a release date yet for this thing, but the smart money is on it being in the coming weeks to months. We’ve just got a vague “coming soon” to go on right now.

In case you missed it:


The two teaser shots Lexus bestowed upon the world show a much different look than the vehicle it replaces. It’s far more angular, especially in the lighting department, than the second generation GX. From what we can tell, it looks a lot like a baby LX600. That does make sense, considering the fact that it actually is a baby LX600.

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A 2024 Lexus GX.
A 2024 Lexus GX.

We can also see that the headlights seamlessly connect to the bumper intakes and surround a black spindle grille. In the teaser at least, there’s none of the traditional Lexus chrome to speak of. That being said, it’s unclear if that choice is trim-specific or carries on throughout the whole model lineup. Out back, we see “LEXUS” spelled out in lieu of the classic “L” badge. We can also see that Leuxs appears to have added a lightbar to the back of the 2024 GX, because of course they did. It’s the hottest thing in automotive design right now.

Other than the lights, we can see a fairly pronounced hood bulge. If you ask me, it sort of looks like a more aggressive L322 Range Rover. That’s a good thing; the L322 is one of the best long vehicles of all time if you ask me.

It’s not too surprising that we’re getting a teaser for this vehicle today. Its cousin, the Toyota Tacoma, got a nice little teaser earlier this week. As for what will power it, well, there’s no word from Lexus yet. But, the Tacoma is said to be powered by a version of Toyota’s i-Force Max hybrid powertrain. Don’t be too amazed if the GX gets something along those lines as well.

The current GX460 has been on sale since 2009, so it’s high time that it was replaced. During those 14 years of servitude, the GX only received two facelifts and a number of other updates. We thank the second-generation GX for its service, but it’s time for something new.

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