Fireworks Explode In Crashed Camaro, Killing Woman

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Fireworks Explode In Crashed Camaro, Killing Woman
Fireworks Explode In Crashed Camaro, Killing Woman

A tragic situation unfolded in southwest Houston on the night of October 3 when a Chevy Camaro crashed, caught fire, and a female passenger inside was killed. Adding to the unusual circumstances was the suspicion the trunk of that muscle car contained a fair number of fireworks fueling the fire.

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The Camaro, which Houston police believe was speeding, lost control and hit the median curb, spinning it into a tree in the median. Thanks to the sheer force of the impact on the passenger side, the Chevy split in half. We’ve seen similar crash results in other high-performance cars driven way too fast, including Challengers and Mustangs.


While the 20-year-old male driver was able to get out of the vehicle, which had caught on fire, the 21-year-old female passenger was trapped. Police from a nearby station heard the crash and came to help, using handheld fire extinguishers to fight the spreading blaze while trying to extract the woman.

Then the unthinkable happened: explosions erupted from the trunk of the shredded muscle car, fueling the blaze to the point officers couldn’t suppress it. They also couldn’t rescue the trapped woman. That’s the sort of thing that haunts police in their sleep.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but investigators strongly suspect a fair number of fireworks were in the trunk. The driver has been cleared for intoxication, reports KHOU 11, but a police spokeswoman says investigators are still gathering evidence to figure out exactly what happened.

Rain and wet roads might have been a factor in the crash, but it sounds like speed was almost definitely a fueling force. Some kids who are handed a muscle car or other performance vehicle don’t realize they have limits, especially in inclement weather. Sadly, that ignorance can cost lives.