First-Gen Ford GT Powertrain Sells For Eyewatering Amount

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Can you imagine what a second-gen powertrain would sell for?

We’re big fans of the first-gen Ford GT, an everyman’s American supercar with looks which hearkened back to the mighty GT40. Good feelings set aside, we’re dismayed at how much prices have increased lately. Even worse is the shocking amount an engine and transaxle from a Ford GT recently sold for on Bring A Trailer.

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The supercharged 5.4-liter V8 mated to a six-speed manual transaxle were featured on a rolling display stand handsome enough to set up in any mansion’s living room right next to some weird modern art. Hopefully that’s not the fate of this powertrain, but that’s to be decided by the new owner.


On that note, after plenty of attention was showered on this auction, which had no reserve, bidding drove the price to $105,000. Yes, that’s enough to buy a pretty impressive car, new or classic, so it shows the kind of financial command first-gen Ford GTs enjoy these days.

We can think of a few interesting things to do with this engine and transaxle, besides installing it in a Ford GT that’s missing its powertrain.

The anonymous seller of this Ford GT engine and transaxle was identified as being a private party, not a dealer, in Rockwood, Michigan who goes by TheGTGuy on Bring A Trailer. Perhaps people who are familiar with this individual can figure who it is. We’re just wondering what the backstory on this powertrain is and how it came to be separated from the donor car.

As far as the immediate fate of the engine and transaxle, the winner says they will be put on display at Goober’s Garage until installed in a car. Do with that information as you will.

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